006_sunroom_Family before

Too many colours overcrowd this room; the furniture pieces are competing to capture your eye.

006_Family Room after677

Less is more!


No flow; too much furniture; too many competing elements, textures and patterns.

005_living1 after

Furniture to scale – painting was not an option even though client was aware of that fact that the bright yellow was hard sell.

001_kitchen1 before

The kitchen was outdated. A full reno was not possible.

001_Kitchen after3

The cabinets were painted and antiqued to give it an updated french look. It looks larger now. New chandeliers and pendant lights installed.

002_kitchen before 002_Kitchen after4

004_Master before1551 copy

Room appeared small and cluttered.

004_Master after Oakv1557 copy

By removing furniture (i.e dated wall-units) and repositioning bed and nightstands the room appeared larger and more inviting, taking the angled walls into consideration. Unfortunately changing the dark wall colour was not an option.

007_livingroom before

Room looks cluttered as too many pieces obstruct flow and compete with each other for attention.

007_living after3251

The room was edited to create a more welcoming space – spaciousness was the goal.

Design Solution Renovation

The owners were tired of the cottagy look of their kitchen and living room.  There was too much wood paneling and they wanted an upscale, modern and sleek look.  By opening up the wall between the kitchen and living room and placing an island as a separator their idea of a more serene open concept was achieved. The wood was replaced with dry wall and painted in a neutral white-grey colour. The tile floor in the kitchen was replaced with the same hardwood in the living room and the 20 year old colour matched as the living room floor was not replaced to save cost.


b255 Living before122


DSCN0384 DSCN0386 DSCN0387