We will prepare your residential property for sale by working with your furniture and home décor to highlight your property’s best features and let it shine. We will tell you what pieces to keep and which ones to move or remove; we will give you ideas on cosmetic improvements and will bring décor pieces (or furniture) in, if necessary, in order to transform the interior and exterior to optimize results and create a move-in-ready appeal for your buyer.

Whatever your budget, we have a solution for you, so you can showcase and maximize your home’s appeal.

Depending on the amount of work and time you are willing to invest yourself, there are different approaches and options available:

- Consultation: about 1-2 hours; we will give you a comprehensive list of things we suggest you do to get your house ready for a real estate agent to take pictures that will be posted online (i.e. on

- Completion of recommended work resulting from the consultation by yourself or by us, depending on the time you have available.

- Showcasing: we will edit, rearrange, and refresh your home and enhance your property (or parts thereof) for an open house using our proven techniques in order to help secure an acceptable offer from a buyer.

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